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Application for Special Review Use


Application for Special Review Use

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Property Subject to Application

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Additional Information

The Application Shall Completely Address each of the Following Items (Attach additional sheets if necessary):

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Additional Information Cont.
Adjacent streets and rights-of-way and street improvements.

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This submittal checklist is provided as a convenience only to land-use applicants as a guide to the submittal process.

Applicants must use the land-use regulations of the town of DeBeque to obtain the required information necessary for submitting a complete application. The land-use regulations are available at Town Hall during regular business hours or online under Town Codes.

The town of De Beque planner is available to answer questions or to provide clarification on application submittal requirements.

14.07.010 General. The application submittal requirements consist of elements that are common to all applications as well as requirements that are necessary only for certain types of applications. Common submittal requirements are indicated first followed by specific requirements of various types of applications. In some instances, additional submittal requirements may be specified as part of the supplemental or special development requirements of these Regulations.

Complete applications must be submitted, as required in these Regulations, at the point of initiation of the land use review process. A separate application is required for each phase of a subdivision.

14.07.020 Common Submittal Requirements. Unless indicated otherwise in these Regulations or by the Town Clerk, three (3) copies of the application shall be submitted. Except for text amendments, all applications identified in Chapter 14.05 shall include:
14.07.040 Site Plan Requirements.
Site plan required in these Regulations shall include:
Landscaping Plan Shall Indicate

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