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OHV & Bicycle Trails

West of De Beque the landscape is crisscrossed by numerous trails, many frequented by wild horses and wildlife. Many of these have developed through use to become some of the best OHV and dirt bicycling trails in western Colorado.

Virtually unknown to the outsider, the trails dip and weave through intriguing rock formations and challenging drainage ways. We\'re letting you in on our secret, join us for your next off-road adventure!

OHV trail maps are currently unavailable.However,the Town is presently working with the BLM to produce maps of the area. Once the maps becomeavailable, we will make them accessable through this web page, as well as at the Town hall. Meanwhile, if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at the Town Hall.

Contact Information:

Town Hall: (970) 283-5475