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The Town maintains around 5 miles of paved streets.Over half are bounded with curb gutter and sidewalk. No small feat for a small community. The original town site is built on a gradually sloping plain making proper maintenance a top priority since the street network doubles as the major storm water conveyance between surrounding foot hills and the Colorado River.

A successful pavement management program utilizes a variety of techniques that not only repairs pavements that has deteriorated, but more importantly maintains road way segments that are in good shape. The Town analyzes street conditions on an annual basis and budgets for repairs ranging from chip seal to pavement overlays to full rebuilds. Since 2014 the Town with financial assistance from local energy companies and the State Energy Impact Fund has rebuilt sections of the truck route through Town. Future projects will include the addition of curb gutter and sidewalks on priority routes.

The Town provides weed management on all rights of way and town properties. Activities range from applying herbicides to removing and disposing of invasive types of weeds.